About Us

The Department of Archaeology and Museums in Rajasthan, since its inception in 1950, has been making concerted efforts to discover, preserve, protect, exhibit and interpret the cultural legacy embodied in various forms of art and architecture. The Department has 342 protected monuments, 21 museums, 2 art gallery and 43 archaeological sites under its control comprising of sacred and secular monuments, such as exquisite temple, colossal mosques, massive forts, splendid palaces, artistic cenotaphs, carved and painted havelies.


  • Preservation, Restoration and Conservation of Monuments, antiquities and Archaeological Sites.
  • Excavation and Exploration.
  • Survey and Documentation.
  • Acquisition and Exposition.
  • Re - organization and Development of Museums.
  • Research and Publication.
  • Exhibitions, Seminars, Lecturers.